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Closing Date and Paperwork

Blog by Robert & Matthew Johnston | August 19th, 2010

Tracy Arkwell.jpg Tracy Arkell - Lawyer

I'm hoping you can give me some advice. We bought out first home recently. We were supposed to close on May 14 but an hour before we were going to get the keys we found out our lawyer did not have all the paperwork ready. We closed May 17 but other then a receipt for lawyers fees we have still not received any type of paperwork. It's now been 3 months and we still have nothing in writing. When we have called the office we are told that they are very busy and will not even tell us when the paperwork will be available. The receptionist is rude and acts like we are inconveniencing her. The lawyer has never called us back. I am concerned because other then the keys we have nothing that says we own the house. Should I be worried or is this normal? If they continue to avoid giving us the paperwork what should I do and who do we talk to? Any advice you could give me about this would be greatly appreciated.

The Law Society requires the final report to be provided to the client within 30 days of closing date. Having said that, it is not unusual for lawyers to get behind in reporting to clients, especially during the busy spring and summer months. I too get behind sometimes. If you are really concerned then simply ask them to provide you with a copy of the deed, or if that doesn't work than you can have a subsearch completed to confirm that you have been registered as owner. You can also complain to the Law Society and their contact information can be found online. I am sure that it is a simple case of being too busy.