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Best Home Renovations To Do This Fall

Blog by Robert & Matthew Johnston | October 30th, 2019

Now that it is fall, it can be the perfect time to get home renovations done! We have put together a list of the top renovations for the cooler fall weather. 

1. Exterior Paint - The fall is the perfect time to add a new coat of paint to surfaces that could be covered with snow all winter! Just keep in mind some paints aren’t recommended to be used at very low temperatures so be sure to buy the right paint and choose a warmer fall day.

2. Roof Leak Repairs - If you had any leakage from your roof now is a great time to get it fixed before any snowfall. Snowfall can aggregate any roof leaks so it is a great idea to get it fixed in advance. Be sure to hire a professional (if you are not experienced) to ensure any leaks are fixed quickly and safely. 

3. Eavestrough & Downspouts - Cleaning the eavestroughs and downspouts might just be everyone's least favourite thing to do, but fall is the perfect time to get out and clean these before winter. 

4. Window Replacement - Any windows that fog up or you can feel a chill coming from, most likely need to be replaced, especially if you haven’t replaced them in a long time! Be sure to hire a professional if you don’t have experience replacing yourself as it can be tricky and you want it done right to prevent having the same issues.