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Mortgage Advice - Variable Rate vs. Fixed Rate

Blog by Robert & Matthew Johnston | September 19th, 2011

Should you go with the potential interest savings of a variable rate mortgage? Or the security of a fixed rate mortgage? With the RBC Homeline Plan®, you can do both!
Get the best of both worlds! With the RBC Homeline Plan, you can split your mortgage into a fixed rate mortgage and a variable rate mortgage, each with its own rate and term.
> Save money: if rates go down, the variable rate portion of your mortgage can help you benefit from a lower interest rate.
> Protect yourself: if rates go up, the fixed rate part of your mortgage is protected from any rate increase during the term.
MIKE KEEGAN - mobile mortgage specialist with RBC Royal Bank®, I can help you enjoy the best of both worlds with the RBC Homeline Plan. Give me a call at 1-705-627-8139 and let me know where you’d like to meet – at your home, your workplace or anywhere that’s convenient for you