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Tips on Preparing Your Home for Sale

Blog by Robert & Matthew Johnston | May 24th, 2019

Tips on Preparing your Home for Sale!

If you decide to sell your home, you need to make that same impression on the next potential buyer. Here are some tips I'd like to share with you on how to do that.

  1. Make sure your home looks clean and uncluttered. You might want to put some items in storage, as some of my clients have done. It is also important to clean the outside. A messy exterior can scare off potential buyers and make them think the interior is similar.

  2. Get any needed repairs done. Even things that you've gotten used to, like a squeaky backyard fence or dripping faucet will quickly get noticed by a home buyer. Be sure to take care of major defects that buyers will notice.

  3. Make sure all your rooms are well lit. Natural light is best. You want everything to look bright and spacious.

  4. Make all surfaces shine! From floors to the light fixtures, a detailed clean can really make your home shine and attract buyers. You should also try to eliminate any bad odours throughout the house. Hide litter boxes and put out some air fresheners!

  5. Put on a fresh coat of paint. This is definitely a very important tip as some colours may look uninviting, but if you put in neutral colours you will appeal to more potential buyers.

These tips aren't particularly difficult or expensive to implement. Yet, they could make a big difference when it comes time to selling.